Fisher-Price Octonauts Sea-Slimed Octopod Playset

It s slime time The Octonauts find themselves in a sticky situation when the Octopod becomes mysteriously covered in slime Press the Octopod s mouth to see its translucent tentacles light up and glow a cool slime green color and to hear phrases from the crew Make a quick exit out of the Octopod using the Octo hatch in the Launch Bay or search the Octopod for the missing octopus could he be hiding in Barnacles or Kwazii s quarters or maybe he s escaped to the Garden Pod The Sea Slimed Octopod Playset comes with Barnacles in his slime green Octo suit a rescue net a slimed octopus a slime catapult and a container of extra gooey slime On the television show the Octonauts missions take place in the water but this Octopod toy needs to stay on land as it is not intended for water play

Fondation sur ma petite analyse, cet article a reçu avis positif d’innombrables. La plupart des utilisateurs finaux qui ont acheté ce produit de magasin principale se sentent enthousiaste sur le résultat final. Donc, si vous l’achat d’un excellentes élevés des produits pour améliorer encore la qualité de votre vie, envisager d’essayer ce Fisher-Price Octonauts Sea-Slimed Octopod Playset et avant d’acheter ces grandes marchandises, s’il vous plaît comprendre ce principales caractéristiques ci-dessous si vous souhaitez en savoir davantage avec cet endroit outils acquisition.

  • This super- slimed Octopod is perfect for all of your rescue missions!
  • Open the Octopod to reveal headquarters and the Launch Bay
  • Includes 4 pods-explore Barnacles’, Peso’s or Kwazii’s rooms or play in the Garden Pod
  • Press the button inside the Launch Bay or on the front of the playset to activate slime-green colored lights!
  • Barnacles can make a quick exit using the Octo-hatch!

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